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All our aggregates are delivered to meet your specific requirements with regards to material, budget and time scale.

All our aggregated materials are completely safe to use after delivery.

The Aggregates We Supply

Here at Construction and Environmental Services we stock many types of aggregates, ranging from limestone to gravel. However, when it comes to choosing aggregates for a project which you are carrying out, it is crucial that you add up the advantages and disadvantages of that material. This allows you to ensure that you get the best results. Specific materials can have different benefits for individual projects. If you are unsure of which material is the best for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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Limestone – Our range of limestone aggregates are as follows:
  • 10mm Clean & Down
  • 50mm Clean & Down
  • 75mm Clean & Down
  • Sub Base 804 Lincs Approved
  • 6F5 Limestone Lincs Approved
  • 6F5 Recycled Lincs Approved
  • Type 1 (Not Section 803)
  • Type 2
  • 6F2
  • Pitching Stone

If you require any other graded limestone, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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Gravel – Our range of gravel aggregates are as follows:
  • 5mm to 20mm Gravel
  • 20mm Single Size
  • 50mm Single Size

Please be aware that our gravel sizes vary, however, all our gravel materials are of the highest quality.

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Topsoil – We have a range of different topsoil’s available such as:
  • As Dug
  • Screened
  • Graded to BS Standard & NHBC Certified

Top soil in all grades and qualities is available for delivery to your construction site from CESL.

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Gravel – Our range of gravel aggregates are as follows:
  • Building Sand
  • Fill Sand
  • Sharp Sand

We also supply recycled aggregates such as graded tarmac, crushed concrete and brick. If you are interested in an aggregated material which isn’t listed above, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today by calling 01733 568 558.

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Restoration and Removal

The team here at C.E.S.L are dedicated to carrying out professional restoration projects. These include creating new landforms for pasture, amenity and equestrian usage. You can ensure that the land you have been working on is always restored correctly and at the highest standards, leaving it in the best condition once again.

We have a range of tipping facilities which are suitable for inert and contaminated materials. Moreover, we guarantee that materials will always be disposed of correctly and safely without any risk to the environment.

Working in Grantham

Being based in Peterborough means we are approximately a 45-minute drive from Grantham. This gives us the ability to travel in order to deliver machines and materials to those who require them in Grantham.

Grantham is a large market town situated on the River Witham. It is a town we are more than happy to travel to in order to meet our customer’s requirements. This town has many historical and beautiful landmarks, offering places to explore for everyone. These include Belton House, St. Wulfram’s Church and Harlaxton Manor.

If you are interested in visiting Grantham, you can find a guide which includes everything you may need whilst visiting this town.

Using Our Services

The team at Construction and Environmental Services Ltd provide services across Peterborough from Monday to Friday, 8 am until 6 pm. Additionally, during these hours we are able to deliver materials or machinery to our customer’s required location in order for them to complete their project.

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If you would like to gain more information regarding our services here at C.E.S.L, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today by calling 01733 568558. Alternatively, you can also send us your enquiry via our contact form. A member of our professional, friendly team will respond to you as soon as possible.

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