Crusher Hire

Crusher Hire Throughout Peterborough

If your company is developing a brownfield site and there’s lots of rubble and concrete to clear, then you can reduce the problem to manageable rubble with crusher hire from Construction and Environmental Services Ltd.

Concrete Crusher Hire

Concrete Crusher Hire Peterborough

Hire a concrete crusher from CESL and turn waste concrete and brick into useful, recyclable hard-core for your construction project. If you don’t need hard-core, it still makes sense to crush the waste concrete. Furthermore, this also ensures that it can more easily be transported away from your site and recycled to protect the environment.

Our service is a cost-effective solution to the disposal of solid concrete waste when you’re redeveloping a brownfield site.

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Stone Crusher Hire

If you still can’t reclaim the old stone on your demolition site for re-use, you can dispose of it quickly and simply with stone crusher hire. Turn useless lumps of rock into gravel or hard-core, or simply truck it away once it’s been made smaller to manageable sizes.

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Get in touch with us now to discuss crusher hire for your demolition or site clearance project. Furthermore, we’ll also be happy to advise you on the best equipment for your particular site and conditions.

Send an email or phone us right away on 01733 568 558 for high-quality service from CESL.

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